Italy (Imperia) : M. and Mme PORTELLI

parents of Angelo, a patient of Prof. Lejeune

We lived each day in gratitude for all the kindness, the tenderness, and the generosity that Angelo shows us he receives and his smile has a brightness and a value for us which words cannot. And the smile of M.Lejeune, when he saw my son, was of the same quality : the smile coming from his eyes (one cannot forget them, so blue, so clear, so friendly) and making radiant his whole face. He spoke to "Angelo" in Italian to make himself understood and he gave us always a little extra assurance and hope. Angelo knew the professor from the age of 3 and our last appointment with him was fixed for the spring of 1994, when we were told that M. Lejeune was unwell.

Everything that has happened since has left us thunderstruck: we have really felt painfully impoverished and lonely. We have often wondered about the mystery hidden behind the destiny of specially chosen people whom one would wish to be eternal. I much regret not being able to be in Paris for M.Lejeune’s anniversary: but our thoughts will be with you.