Paris cathedral Notre Dame, Lejeune



Next Holy Mass in Paris

The next Mass anniversary and Mass for Life

will take place in Saint Augustin Church (Paris)

March, 25th, 2017 (18h30)

the Holy Mass will be celebrated by her Eminence, the Cardinal Robert Sarah

Last year, in 2016,  the Holly Mass was celebrated in Saint Ferdinand des Ternes Church (Paris)

by Mgr Ravel.

In 2015, the Holly Mass was in Saint Augustin Church (Paris)

celebrated by

Mgr Jean-Marie Mpendawatu,

Secretary of the Consiglio pontificale per gli Operatori sanitari (Vatican)


Masses in USA, June 2013

The pastor of Saint Therese Catholic Church in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, organizes weekend Masses for honoring the Professor Lejeune’s birthday, immediately following his birthday June 13th.




Masse for Jerome Lejeune USA june 2013



Masse in Portugal

In april 2013 a Mass has been celebrated also in Portugal (Braga) on the anniversary of the death of Professor Jérôme Lejeune.


Masses in Paris

Each year, on the ’anniversary of the death of Professor Jérôme Lejeune, on the 3rd April 1994, the Association has a Mass for Life celebrated. The anniversary is meant to be an opportunity for spiritual recollection for all those who pledge their loyalty to the Church so as to promote a true devotion to Life. It is also an act of faith and hope in seeing the rise of a new generation of Servants of Life.

The Association of Friends of Professor Jérôme Lejeune wishes especially that the example of the Servant of God Jérôme Lejeune should encourage new vocations for doctors, research workers, and Christians ready to respond to the invitation of John-Paul II and Benedict XVI to proclaim the Gospel of Life ‘with courage and fidelity as good news for men of every age and every culture’.


  • Mass in Notre Dame de Paris, april 5th, 2014

Celebrated by the Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, archibishop of  Paris,for the 20th anniversary of Jerome Lejeune's death.


  • Mass in Lyon, april 4th, 2014

Celebrated by the Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archibishop of Lyon and Primat des Gaules in the basilic Primatiale Saint-Jean.


  • Holy Hour in Paray le Monial, april 3rd, 2014

A holy hour to pray with Jerome Lejeune

  • In 2013, on 3rd April, the Mass has been celebrated in Paris in Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle Church by Mgr Aillet, bishop of Bayonne, Lescar et Oloron.


The texts of several homilies in Paris 

  • At the Mass on 2nd April 2011 :
    Celebrated by Mgr Dominique Rey, Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, at Saint François Xavier, Paris.


Homily beginning : «We are here this evening in this Church of St Francis Xavier to celebrate the memory of Professor Jérôme Lejeune, «a man for whom the defence of Life, as John Paul II said, became an apostolate »...

  • At the Mass on 3rd April 2007 :
    Celebrated by Mgr Michel Schooyans in the church of Saint-Pierre du Gros-Caillou, Paris.

Homily beginning : « Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are gathered here at the heart of Holy Week to celebrate the Lord’s redemptive sufferings…


  • At the Mass on 3rd April 2006 :
    Celebrated by Mgr Jean Laffitte, vice president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in the church of Saint Ferdinand des Ternes à Paris.

Homily beginning : « A few weeks ago, in his message for the beginning of Lent, the Holy Father invited us to make an internal pilgrimage to Him who is the source of Mercy. A few weeks before, the Encyclical 'Deus caritas est’ taught us that this truth ‘God is love’…

  • At the Mass on 1st April 2004 :
    Celebrated by Cardinal Barbarin, Primat des Gaules, at Notre Dame de Paris, for the 10th anniversary of the death of Professor Lejeune.

Homily beginning: : « Brothers and Sisters, the Church invites us to consider Jesus in glory,…»


  • At the Mass on 3rd April 2003 :
    Celebrated by Mgr Fort, Bishop of Orleans, at Saint-Séverin in Paris

Homily beginning : « Brothers and Sisters, it is a great honour and indeed a pleasure for me to preside over the celebration of the Holy Eucharist for the ninth anniversary of Professor Jerome Lejeune’s departure for the Father’s House…. »”