Jerome Lejeune Rimini 2012


Introduce Jérôme Lejeune to 800, 000 people !

The extraordinary meeting at Rimini (Italy) in 2012 was an exceptional opportunity to introduce Jerome Lejeune to the 800,000 people  who were able to listen to the lecture of Mrs Lejeune and Jean-Marie Le Méné (president of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation) and to visit the magnificent exhibition which was dedicated to him and titled “What is Man that You Are Mindful of Him: Genetics and Human Nature in the Gaze of Jérôme Lejeune.”This exhibition deals with the human being and his destiny by proposing a research on “human nature:” starting from the testimony of Jérôme Lejeune, founder of clinical genetics, through the developments of this discipline and the more recent advances in evolutionary biology on genetic determinism.

Many young doctors and scientists attended the Rimini Meeting and were inspired by the life of Jérôme Lejeune. For many, we have been told, this meeting was a determining factor in their professional and personal lives


Vidéo Clip : Rimini Exhibition  

 Everything aboutJérôme Lejeune at the meeting of Rimini


Talk on Jérôme Lejeune in Rimini

  • by  Mrs Jérôme Lejeune 
  • and Mr. Jean-Marie Le Méné, president of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation in Paris,  

 Mrs Jerome Lejeune at the meeting of Rimini



All the exhibitions in Italy

After this fantastic success, the exhibition has been invited everywhere in Italy (and in other countries).  

  • Castel San Giovanni,
    Speakers: Riccardo Grandi, Giacomo Grandi, Piero Pergolotti


  • Aosta, Palazzo Regionale, 2015, Speaker: Carlo Soave, University Milano
  • Saluzzo, 2015
  • Andria, 2015
  • Ravena, 2015
  • Milano
  • Bari
  • Bologna
  • Torino, at the International Book Fair, from 16 to 20 May, 2014
    Conference on Jerome Lejeune : Servant of Life, Servant of God
    The Turin International Book Fair is one of the largest book fair in Europe.
  • Salerno, 
  • Genova, 
  • Roma, Pontifical Academy for Life, february 2014
  • Modena, novembre 2013
  • Peruggia, octobre 2013
  • Frascati, may 2013
  • Roma, Gemelli Hospital, april 2013
  • Udine, february 2013