At the age of one month a human being measures four millimeters and a half. Its tint hear is already beating from one week onwards, its arms, its legs, its head, its brain are already sketched out

At two months old, he measures some three centimetres from his head to the tip of his buttocks. Folded up he would fit inside a nutshell.

Inside a clenched fist he would be invisible, and the clenched fist would crush him without anyone noticing. But open your hand, and there he is, complete, hands, feet, head, organs, brain, everything in place and only to grow bigger. Look closer, and you could already discern the lines on the hand and tell his fortune. Look closer still, with an ordinary microscope, and you can make out his fingerprints. From now on everything is ready there to make up his passport..

The incredible Tom Thumb, a man smaller than my thumb, he really exists; not the one in the fairy tale, but the one which each of us was, once. 

But the brain, someone will say, is only going to be completed in five or six months’ time. But no, it will be entirely complete merely at birth; but its innumerable links will be forged only at six or seven years old and its chemical and electrical machinery will be fully established only at fourteen or fifteen! 

The period as embryo is finally ended two months after its having been fertilized. At this point the little one is as big as my thumb. And that is why all mothers tell fairy tales to their children about Tom Thumb, for that one is a true story. Every one of us was once Tom Thumb inside his mother and women have always known that there is a sort of underground country, a sort of vaulted shelter with a reddish light and a rhythmic sound in which small human beings lead a strange and marvelous life. And that is the real story of Tom Thumb.